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"time, patience

& care"

Are you seeking a refreshing, semi/non religious funeral service to celebrate the life of your loved one? As a civil funeral celebrant, I can help you achieve this.

Amid all the formalities of death, at the very heart of everything, was once a life. It's my job to capture the ‘essence’ of your loved one and their life – that 'little bit of magic' that made them special and unique.

Through gentle conversation, at your pace, and in your time,  I'll help you rediscover, remember and celebrate the qualities, that made your loved one special to you, your family and friends.

For some, the conversation ‘flows’ – as one client recently described, she found the simple act of sharing her memories cathartic – she didn’t feel compelled to ‘worry’ about upsetting the person she was speaking to, which she found refreshing. For others, talking can prove difficult. I often find looking back through photos helps - it removes the pressure to speak, and can help to ease the pain. Grief presents in many different ways, and it's my job to find a way that works for you, so we can plan a fitting tribute to your loved one.

It’s not unusual to have family members or friends present when we meet to contribute their memories. ‘I never knew your father stopped up to watch the darts!' is not uncommon!

Ultimately, the families I support wish to ‘celebrate the life of their loved one’, with dignity and respect, yet with a light, uplifting and often joyful tone.

You’ll intuitively come to know during the course of our conversation, how you wish to say your final goodbyes, and as a natural course, ideas will start to fall into place. I will then guide you through the service, write a tribute to their life, achievements and anecdotes, and we can give thought to music you may like to include.

Other ideas you may like to include could be the projection of photos to accompany the service, or video links so friends/family overseas or unable to travel, can remotely link to the service. Opera singers, choirs – there really is no limit! You may be surprised to learn there are few limitations as to how you choose to use your time at a crematorium.

Natural burials are also on the increase. These can be especially moving on a balmy summers day or in the crisp air on a winters day. The scattering of seeds on a casket or children blowing bubbles - again, all subtle ways in which you can personalise your service.

On the day, I will be there to support you and deliver your service, with love and compassion, as you 'celebrate the life of your loved one'.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you wish to speak in person or arrange a meeting.

I look forward to meeting you.

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